5 Winter Skin Savers from a Board-Certified Dermatologist


It’s January, everyone’s favorite month (said no one ever!).  The dry, cold climate coupled with the aftermath of a December filled with savory foods and alcohol, can leave skin looking as dreary as the weather. While diet, lack of sleep and environmental factors can have a dramatic effect on the skin, there are simple ways to get your skin back on track.  

Dr. Gaines-Cardone offered these tips that she shares often with her patients at Greenwich Point Dermatology.  

  1. Less is more. The skincare industry is a billion dollar industry for a reason. A lot of marketing and advertising that specifically targets younger consumers, encourages the use of different ingredients. Products that are meant to hydrate and create glow, can oftentimes be harsh and irritating. In winter, it is especially important to stick with ingredients that are gentle and simplify your routine. A cleanser, serums or actives, moisturizer and spf are all you need to get your skin back on track.
  2. Optimize your ingredients. Make sure you are using high quality ingredients, not just what is being touted on you tube and tik tok. Just because your best friend is using it, doesn’t mean it is right for you. There are specific products and prescriptions that target concerns like hyperpigmentation, redness, fine lines, etc. Consult with your dermatologist to determine the ingredients best for your skin type.
  3. Cut back on your cleanser, up your moisturizer. Just like your wardrobe, changes need to be made as the seasons change. In the winter, with the low humidity and forced hot air, the skin quickly dries out and is prone to irritation. Swab out a foaming cleanser for a hydrating one (we like Alastin Gentle Cleanser)  Use a more emolliating night cream or double up and use your night moisturizer both morning and night. Just make sure your nighttime moisturizer does not contain a retinol, that is for PM only.
  4. Resolve to wear sunscreen everyday. Not just in the summer. Not just when the sun is out. But everyday. If possible, add something with a tint. We like MD Solar Sciences Tinted Mineral Creme (find your shade in our Brilliant Boutique). We are starting to understand that visible light (ie. overhead light and blue light from cell phones and computer screens) can accelerate the photoaging process. Ideally, sunscreen should be applied daily to the face, neck and chest.
  5. Restore your glow with laser resurfacing. Highly customizable to your goals and lifestyle, laser resurfacing can target different depths of the skin to address multiple aging concerns at once, including uneven texture, sun damage and revitalizing collagen growth. It packs a one-two punch on dull winter skin.  Try Halo for glowing skin after only a few days of downtime, or a Microlaser Peel for deeper repair that reveals incredible results.


Our Brilliant Boutique is stocked with everything you need to streamline your skincare routine.  We recommend making an appointment with one of our Board Certified Dermatologists for a personalized consultation to discuss the specific products and cosmetic treatments that are right for you.  Book an appointment by calling 203.764.2230.

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