Mole-Mapping & Total Body Photography

SkinIO is the newest technology for mole-mapping.

Committed to delivering the best dermatological care to our patients, we are proud to offer an innovative mole-mapping technology by SkinIO. With their comprehensive skin documentation system and integrated mobile app, we can proactively monitor changing and suspicious skin lesions and pre-cancers in-office and patients can do the same at home.

Who is a good candidate for SkinIO?

Anyone who…

  • Has been diagnosed with skin cancer before
  • Has a family history of skin cancer
  • Has a history of multiple sunburns 
  • Has a higher occurrence of moles or freckles
  • Would like to be proactive about their skin health


How does SkinIO work?

  1. Schedule a 20 minute mole-mapping appointment with our office.  
  2. We take standardized digital body photos and tag suspicious areas for tracking
  3. Download the SkinIO app to upload your personal SkinIO photos
  4. Monitor your skin regularly, sharing any areas of change or concern with Dr. Dolder and Christina.

Why is SkinIO so important in preventing skin cancer?

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 70-80% of melanomas appear as new spots on the skin while the other 20-30% arise from changes to existing moles. SkinIO creates a digital skin health record for you that allows you and our office to better monitor your skin and moles over time.


Does SkinIO replace my annual skin cancer screening? 

SkinIO supplements but does not replace your annual skin cancer screening. The advanced artificial intelligence system is an imaging tool that creates an accurate visual health record, so we can monitor change over time.