Cold Weather Skin Concerns & How to Fix Them

I’ve rounded up the 4 most frequent skin concerns I hear from patients throughout the winter and my very best remedies.


Rosy flushed cheeks and a dewy complexion seem too good to be true come the middle of January. But lackluster, crepey skin doesn’t have to be the norm.

DAY: During the summer, my all-in-one SPF/moisturizer often suffices, but in the cooler months, my skin needs an additional layer of nourishment.  I use restorative Neocutis BioCream* as a base layer, followed by Neocutis Journee* which contains SPF. I load up my diet with lots of healthy fats like omega-3 rich salmon and walnuts to calm additional inflammation and support skin health from within.

NIGHT: I opt for a gentle, creamy face wash like Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (or Skinceuticals Daily Wash*) instead of a foamy one in order to prevent additional stripping of natural oils that are there to help keep skin supple. I then layer on SkinMedica HA5 serum that delivers concentrated hyaluronic acid to the skin, and turn on my humidifier. The moist air resets tired skin, and I always wake up feeling rejuvenated.


The skin on our lips is especially thin and delicate, making it susceptible to harsh winds and cold temperatures.

DAY: I apply a lip balm like Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 with aloe and vitamin E all day long, especially after eating or drinking. For a pop of color, I sub lip conditioners or tinted balms instead of matte lipstick to prevent further drying. Also, avoid licking your lips at all costs, as this compounds the dryness.

NIGHT: I layer on Lucas’ Papaw Ointment* to lock in moisture and seal cracks at night. Applying a few millimeters outside the lip line really seals things in.


From blowing our noses to stifling sniffles, we can take on a Rudolph quality that’s far from festive.

DAY: Not all tissues are created equal. I opt for Kleenex with lotion and aloe because they are the least abrasive to the skin.  When skiing or outside for extended periods, shield your nose from the harsh winter gusts and sun with a facemask.

NIGHT: I help heal tiny cracks and soothe itchy, flaky skin around the nose with Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment *. Red skin is irritated skin so I be sure to dab it on gently, patting it into the skin rather than rubbing to prevent more damage.


Our hands become victims of blustery winter weather, dry indoor heat, and lots of lots of handwashing, especially in our efforts to fend off any unwelcome bugs going around.

DAY: I lather on my personal favorite hand cream—Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm with rich skin-softening emollients—in the car on my way to work and in the car on my way home. If I’m going to be outside,, I apply the cream and top with gloves as they provide a physical barrier from the elements and help lock in the moisture.  Also, try to reduce hand washing and exposure to water as much as possible. Wear BPA-free disposable gloves in the kitchen!

NIGHT: I keep a tube of hand cream next to my bed so at night, it’s the last thing I apply before hitting the sheets. Keeping our hands well-moisturized is essential to preventing painful cracks and ensuring our hands don’t look older than we actually are!  Once again, Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment is also excellent for healing cracks on the hands and feet (it’s an Aussie trade secret but believe me, it’s gold!)

*You can find these products in our office on your next visit.

Stay soft,

Dr. Dolder

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