PRP Therapy

Harnessing the wound-healing factors from your blood, PRP therapy increases collagen, improves skin’s texture, and brightens dull skin, creating a natural facial, neck, and decolletage rejuvenation.

At Greenwich Point Dermatology, Dr. Sarah Dolder is excited to offer the very best in PRP therapy technology with Purespin PRP®. This cutting-edge technology delivers the highest PRP yield through a double spin process, leading not only to superior skin rejuvenation results, but also minimum patient discomfort as finer needles are required for injection.

About PRP

PRP is a revolutionary treatment that utilizes the body’s own healing properties to stimulate skin rejuvenation without the use of chemicals. Concentrated platelets from the patient’s own blood are injected into the skin using using microneedling, activating the repair and healing process. Similar to stem cells, the platelets infuse new life into your skin, boosting your natural glow.

Conditions commonly treated with PRP include:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Dull, dry skin
  • Premature aging
  • Crepe-like neck skin

PRP Therapy is also used for hair regeneration for those experiencing hair loss or thinning as the platelets can help stimulate hair follicles when injected into the scalp. Read more about PRP for hair regeneration here.

PRP Treatment

PRP treatment involves a few steps. First, blood is drawn from the patient, and the platelets are separated and concentrated through centrifugation. Then, the platelets are injected back into targeted areas of the skin using microneedling. Because of the multi-step approach to this procedure, including waiting for topical anesthetic to become activated, PRP therapy takes around an hour.

PRP Results

About a week after treatment,you will begin to notice effects, but it may take a few weeks for to see more radiant skin with fewer wrinkles. As collagen production increases and volume improves, skin will appear firmer.

The best PRP results occur in a series of about 3 sessions, each about a month apart. During your consultation with Dr. Dolder, she can advise on your individualized treatment protocol.

PRP Side Effects & Recovery

Post-treatment, your skill will be red and feel tender. It is best to avoid wearing makeup or sunscreen for at least 24 hours, instead applying nourishing products to assist in the healing process and staying out of the sun. The redness should subside in 3 to 5 days post-procedure.

To discover how PRP therapy could help you achieve your aesthetic goals, contact Greenwich Point Dermatology here or email to schedule your consultation.