Master Aesthetician in Greenwich, CT

Q&A with Cara, Our Master Aesthetician

We’re thrilled to have Cara Peloso, alum of the famed-CAP Beauty in NYC, join our team. A true skin whisperer, Cara combines her masterful face and décolletage massage with Julisis biodynamic skin care to erase stress and tension to reveal a supple complexion and promote deep relaxation. She also embodies our philosophy of beauty beyond skin deep. Here, she shares all the things that light her up — and keep her skin healthy and bright.

Where are you from?
A small town in Ontario, Canada, called Sudbury.

What’s your family life like?
My husband and I have an amazing daughter named Sadie. She’s 14, and growing up way too fast!

When did you first become fascinated with skin care?
I’ve always loved beautiful things. I became an aesthetician in 2000, so I’ve been working in the field for almost 20 years. I can’t even believe it’s been that long. Nothing makes me happier than having a client report feeling rejuvenated and pampered after a treatment. One of my favorite parts is educating clients about their skin and what products are suitable for them. A well-crafted skin regimen can be truly life-changing for people.

What’s your beauty philosophy?
Beauty is about consistency. And about nourishing your body inside and out. I love to exercise to boost circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Yoga, Pilates, and Barre2 are my go-tos. I also stick to whole, unprocessed foods that change with the seasons. I’m a big believer in drinking vitamin-rich juice daily and LOTS of water, even before my morning coffee, to help eliminate toxins and keep skin feeling plump. Oh, and sleep! It’s called beauty rest for a reason!

What’s your skincare ritual as an aesthetician?
Routines are so important for keeping us grounded when life gets busy. They’re also essential for maintaining a healthy complexion. Simple is always better. My routine always includes a facial massage — with with my hands or gua sha — nourishing and regenerating products, and never over-exfoliating the skin.

Let’s talk products. What are your desert island must-haves?
Julius cleansers have been a game-changer for me. The gel-like consistency gently emulsifies makeup, sunblock and debris leaving the skin’s pH intact. It also provides a gentle daily exfoliation with pumpkin enzymes. The Julisis Silver Elixir Night serum has decreased hyperpigmentation dramatically, keeping my complexion bright. And the Julisis Eye Emulsion is divine: cooling, hydrating, and deeply penetrating. 

What’s your facial experience like?
While each of my facials is customized to every client, dynamic massage is my primary focus to help tone and lift. It also stimulates circulation and helps the potent organics penetrate the skin more thoroughly. I perform extractions as needed, and I always love a good mask. My favorite add-on is LED light therapy. It’s gentle but so effective in brightening and firming skin, and even calming acne. Plus, no downtime! 

How do your aesthetic treatments complement those of a dermatologist?
I believe in the power of routine facial massage by an aesthetician, but routine visits to the dermatologist are essential to prolonging that facial glow. And vice versa. Many of my clients get Botox, fillers, and laser treatments, and regular facial massage and focused hydration help extend the life of those more advanced therapies. I love how they work in such beautiful synergy to create truly radiant results. 

And just for fun, who is your beauty idol?
Sophia Loren. Her Italian beauty is timeless.

Thanks, Cara!

To book a facial with Cara, call our office at 203.764.2230 or email us at

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