Cysts / Lipomas

Cysts and lipomas are growths that occur beneath the skin anywhere in the body and are often confused with one another. While they are often harmless, they can be uncomfortable and unsightly, especially if they are larger. Dr. Dolder at Greenwich Point Dermatology in Greenwich, CT, can diagnose and remove bothersome cysts and lipomas, returning your skin back to normal.

What’s the difference between cysts and lipomas?

Although they both appear beneath the surface of the skin and are similar at first appearance, cysts and lipomas have very different compositions. They can both range in size and usually grow slowly.

Cysts are can be fluid-filled or semi-solid and often caused by a deposition of keratin, the material that makes up the very top layer of skin. If they become infected, they may discharge and odorous pus.

Lipomas are collections of fat cells that live below the skin’s surface and are firm and rubbery to the touch.

What are my treatment options for cysts and lipomas?

While small cysts and lipomas often require no treatment, if a cyst or lipoma causes any physical or emotional discomfort or becomes infected, it can be removed by surgical excision.

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