Ear Lobe Repair / Ear Piercing

Wearing heavy earrings can, over time, damage our earlobes, causing the underlying fatty tissue to stretch, sag, or even tear apart. Dr. Jacqueline Berliner at Greenwich Point Dermatology can repair torn earlobes with a quick procedure performed here in our office. 

What are my treatment options for a torn earlobe?

After administering local anesthesia, Dr. Berliner cuts the damaged earring hole and uses fine stitching to suture the ends back together. The sutures are then removed in 5-7 days. Once your earlobe has healed – which is usually 6 weeks after your surgery – Dr. Berliner will carefully re-pierce your ear here in the office. Surgical precision is needed so that re-piercing is located to the left or right of your scar, in order to prevent it from re-tearing.