Restorsea Pro

Restorsea’s proprietary and patented technology comes from a natural enzyme discovered in the fjords of Norway. This enzyme, called Aquabeautine XL® by Restorsea, is derived from hatching salmon eggs and acts as a natural exfoliant to our skin; just as it dissolves the shell of a salmon egg, it dissolves dead skin cells. Restorsea products have been clinically-tested and proven to improve skin texture and tone while reducing the appearance of age spots and fine lines. In studies comparing treatments of photodamage using Restorsea vs. glycolic acid, Restorsea showed significant improvement in skin clarity with far more tolerability among patients.

At Greenwich Point Dermatology, we are proud to offer Restorsea PRO products, which contain a higher percentage of the active enzyme and are only available in select physician offices.

Product Spotlight

We love Restorsea PRO Intensive Treatment 10X as a therapeutic companion to Retin-A for nighttime application to minimize any irritation from the Retin-A.