Teledermatology Appointment FAQs

As an alternative to office visits, we offer teledermatology visits with Dr. Dolder and Christina. These visits offer an opportunity to get your skin concerns addressed by board-certified providers in the safety and convenience of your home. We break down the most frequently asked questions below.

What is Teledermatology?

Teledermatology is a video conference with a dermatology specialist. Dr. Dolder or Christina can assess symptoms, make a diagnosis, perform a consultation, recommend treatment, and send prescriptions electronically to your pharmacy. Think telemedicine, but for dermatological conditions!

Am I a Good Candidate for Teledermatology Services?

Teledermatology services are available to all patients who don’t wish to come into the office, or don’t feel well enough to do so.

We offer virtual appointments for a variety of conditions including:

AcneRashesMoles/Spot Checks – Melasma – Eczema –  Psoriasis – Cosmetic Consultations – Skincare Curation – Sun Protection Education  

These visits are especially useful for teens and college students who need more guidance but have packed schedules or are away at college. We can assist with their acne regimen and skincare routine.

We also recommend that new mothers take advantage of these services if nap times and feeding schedules are challenging to navigate. 

How Does A Teledermatology Visit Work?

1. Call us at 203.764.2230 or email us at to request a teledermatology appointment.

2. You will receive an appointment window of 2 hours in which Dr. Dolder or Christina will contact you for your appointment.

3. You will email images of any skin condition or spots to for Dr. Dolder or Christina to review prior to the appointment.

4. You will receive detailed instructions from our office on how to access the video appointment.

5. Dr. Dolder or Christina will contact you for a video visit during your 2-hour appointment window to complete the consultation.

How Can I Schedule a Teledermatology Appointment?

Please call our office at 203.764.2230 during normal business hours or email us at to request an appointment.

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