A Sea-Inspired Exfoliant for Sensitive Skin: Spotlight on Restorsea Skincare

We’ve all heard about the restorative powers of the sea, especially how its natural salts and minerals can nourish our skin. So when we read about Restorsea, a natural skincare line that derives its active ingredients from the sea, we were intrigued.

Restorsea is a skincare brand whose proprietary and patented technology comes from a natural enzyme discovered in the fjords of Norway. This enzyme, called Aquabeautine XL® by Restorsea, is derived from hatching salmon eggs and acts as a natural exfoliant to our skin; just as it dissolves the shell of a salmon egg, it dissolves dead skin cells. Because this enzyme is naturally released into the Norwegian waters, Restorsea is able to procure it in post-hatching waters without harming any fish or disturbing the natural habitat.

Clinically-Proven Results

Restorsea products have been clinically-tested and proven to improve skin texture and tone while reducing the appearance of age spots and fine lines. In studies comparing treatments of photodamage using Restorsea vs. glycolic acid, Restorsea showed significant improvement in skin clarity with far more tolerability among patients.

Other Chemical Exfoliants vs. Restorsea

Familiar chemical exfoliants such as glycolic acid or retinol are very effective in their action to remove dead skin cells and reduce hyperpigmentation, but they can often cause abrasive side effects such as peeling and inflammation. Because the enzymes in Restorsea are selective for only dead skin cells, it preserves the skin’s natural barrier, leaving skin supple and hydrated rather than red, swollen, flaky and irritated. We often pair Retin-A treatment with Restorsea application in order to achieve optimal skin clarity with minimal irritation.

Unlike other exfoliants which target dead and living skin cells, Restorsea only targets dead skin cells and can be used during pregnancy.

Sensitive Skin & Beyond

While Restorsea is suitable for all skin types, we love it for sensitive skin because of its ability to effectively treat and nourish at the same time. Restorsea products are derived from nature and contain no parabens, phthalates, silicone, PEGs or mineral oil, all of which can be irritating to sensitive skin. Patients who are unable to use traditional exfoliants because of the harsh side effects are able to use Restorsea with great results. We often recommend Restorsea products post in-office treatment as they help soothe, calm, and moisturize stressed skin.

Additionally, Restorsea products are non-comedogenic, so they work for acne-prone skin.

Our Favorite Restorsea Products

We are proud to offer Restorsea PRO products in our office, which contains a higher percentage of the active enzyme, and is only available in select physician offices.

We carry their full line of products but here are a few highlights:

Restorsea PRO Intensive Treatment 10XWe love this as a companion to Retin-A for nighttime application to minimize any irritation from the Retin-A.

Restorsea PRO Line Blur Eye Cream:
 This miracle cream minimizes crow’s feet.

Restorsea PRO Firming Eye Serum
: By boosting circulation and firming the delicate skin around the eye, this serum depuffs and brightens.

Stay soft,

Dr. Dolder

This post is in no way sponsored by Restorsea. We just love their products!
Photo credit: 2nd photo by @restorsea

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