Acne Scarring

Whether you have mild acne scars or deep, pitted scars, there are a number of solutions to reduce and even eliminate scarring and restore your complexion at Greenwich Point Dermatology. Dr. Sarah Dolder may suggest a combination of therapies for the very best results.

Chemical Peels offer mild exfoliating effects and help reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Read more about Chemical Peels here.

OmniLux Light Therapy offers blue light treatment to kill bacteria and prevent future acne and red light treatment to reduce redness associated with acne scars. Read more about OmniLux Light Therapy here.

Clear + Brilliant laser treatment is incredibly effective for even skin tone, promoting smoother skin, and minimizing mild acne scarring, especially when done in a series. Read more about Clear + Brilliant treatment here.

Lumecca IPL is a pulsed-light treatment that helps target redness and discoloration that lingers after acne. Read more about Lumecca IPL here.

Fractora is a resurfacing technology that promotes skin remodeling and collagen production for deeper scarring (i.e. pitting) that has compromised the skin’s smooth texture. Read more about Fractora Laser treatment here.