Neck, Chest, & Decolletage Rejuvenation

Our neck, chest, and décolletage are often the first places that show signs of aging as the skin on the neck and the chest is much thinner and more delicate. There is also less fat beneath the skin’s surface here to help plump the area. Over time, sun damage causes redness, brown patches, broken blood vessels, wrinkling, and laxity. More recently, “techneck,” the result of frequent smartphone use, have caused deep, horizontal lines to appear on the neck, accelerating the aging process.

Dr. Sarah Dolder of Greenwich Point Dermatology helps combat these signs of aging by restoring brightness and evenness to sun-damaged skin and reinforcing and tightening the underlying structure using the latest topical treatments and laser and light therapies.

During your consultation, Dr. Dolder can help you discover which modality or mix of modalities will best address your concerns and renew your skin.

Chemical Peels can help brighten skin and reverse sun damage.

Clear + Brilliant Laser therapy helps to even skin tone and texture, revealing younger looking skin. Read more about Clear + Brilliant treatment here.

Lumecca IPL therapy uses intense-pulsed light to target areas of hyperpigmentation that are a result of scarring or sun damage, leaving you with brighter, younger-looking skin. Read more about Lumecca IPL here.

Fractora helps resurface the skin, minimizing wrinkles and fine lines and promoting collagen and elastin production. Read more about Fractora Laser treatment here.

If you want to refresh the skin on your neck, chest, and décolletage and reverse any premature aging, schedule a consultation at Greenwich Point Dermatology by clicking here or emailing