Pre-Holiday Skin Prep: My 4 Beauty Musts

The holiday season is fun and festive, but fraught with over-indulgence!  Not to mention the stress of tackling our never-ending to do lists at this time of the year.  So how do we look our best when our social calendar and holiday stress seem to work against us? Hint: it’s more than just skin deep.

Spread Cheer: From finding that special gift to baking treats for the kids’ holiday school parties to coordinating Christmas travel, we often forget to relish the merriment of the holidays. With our to-do lists growing ever longer, our cortisol levels rise, causing a total-body inflammatory response. Inflammation in the skin can manifest as an acne breakout or more subtly as collagen and elastin breakdown, leading to a lackluster, less plump complexion. This holiday season, focus less on buying the perfect present and more on being present with those around you. By spreading joy and cheer to others, you’re inviting yourself to feel more joy and less worry, leading to healthier and happier holiday skin!

Sip Smart: I’m always an advocate for drinking ample water during the day (at least 8 glasses!), but it’s even more imperative during the holiday season to keep our skin bright. Dry winter heat and brisk December air challenges our skin’s natural barrier, making us more susceptible to water loss. To stay nourished, sip on herbal teas or water with lemon slices. We all know alcoholic drinks are dehydrating, so make sure you sip on sparkling water after each glass of wine at holiday parties. And when dashing about town in the holiday buzz, indulge in a superfood drink like (my favorite) turmeric latte, with healing ginger, anti-inflammatory turmeric, and almond milk.

Note: Whole Foods and Green & Tonic both make a great one!

Treat Yourself: Self-care is essential during the holidays. We spend so much time looking after others, we often neglect ourselves. Make time for an at-home spa night (face masks are my favorite!) and schedule an appointment for an in-office treatment to help you look and feel your best. Whether it’s a Botox refresher, a subtle boost of filler, or an IPL photo-facial treatment, use the appointment time for a mini-mediation, short nap, or just as a moment to hit the pause button on life, while invigorating your skin!

Glow Bright: Achieving radiant skin takes time and commitment, but there are a few quick tricks to getting holiday-ready. Nosh on skin-nourishing winter foods like butternut squash, leafy greens, citrus, and pomegranates. (Have you tried my Curried Butternut Squash and Apple Soup?). Indulge in omega-3 rich walnuts and salmon, both sources of healthy protein and good-for-you fats. Generate a natural flush with a circulation-boosting walk outside or restorative yoga class. Exercise works wonders to flush out those toxins from a night out.  And to really hit a skin reset, try an in-office chemical peel or laser procedure to remove flakiness, then restore the skin’s natural barrier with products that lock in moisture for a dewy winter look. Rejuvenating serums, like our HA5, help retain water which smooths fine lines and wrinkles so you can shine bright all holiday season long.

Here’s cheers to a festive, fun and merry holiday season!

Dr. Dolder

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